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To send a case:

  1. Fill out and submit our online Rx form or print out Rx form (see below).
  2. Complete and return credit policy.
  3. Wrap models, impressions, bites, etc. carefully with tissue or bubble wrap.
  4. Securely tape box and affix mailing label.
  5. Call 800-845-1116 to let us know you have a case ready to send.  We will arrange
    for a pick-up if you are within our courier service area.  For those that fall outside
    this area, we will mail or email a mailing label to be used via US Postal Service.
    Your cases will be returned using UPS or FedEx service at no cost to you.

You may also fill out the form below or call us toll-free to request a start-up kit which
will include product literature, packing materials, pre-paid mailing labels, and Rx forms.

Printable Fixed Rx Form

Printable Removable Rx Form

Printable Credit Policy Form

Printable W-9 Form

Fill out the form below to request a Starter Kit!