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Our lunch and learn series consists of short presentations designed to increase the knowledge and enhance clinical skills in various areas of dentistry. Topics may include product demonstrations, clinical how-to's, technology updates, and more.  Programs can be arranged to fit the lunch and/or work schedule of the dental office - all programs are 45 - 90 minutes in length.  Call us today at 800-845-1116 to arrange a program in your office.  Programs currently available:


AvaDent Digital Dentures:  Sherer Dental Laboratory is now a certified AvaDent Digital Denture Laboratory.  AvaDent brings the precision, speed, and accuracy of digital CAD/CAM process automation to removable dentistry.  This process allows Dentists to offer their patients a precise fitting, aesthetic denture in as little as two appointments!  AvaDent's advanced digital technology represents a paradigm shift in removable dentistry that benefits both the Dentist and the patient.  


Accu-Gel System for Accurate Denture Impressions:  An extremely accurate but easy to use system for edentulous impressions that requires no border molding or custom tray fabrication.  Using specially designed trays and a 2-phase alginate, the resulting impressions are predictable, detailed, and extremely accurate.  This program goes over the complete step-by-step process of the Accu-Gel system.


Removable Update:  A brief overview of current technology in removable prosthetics.  Topics will include flexible partials, crowns under partials, Ivocap injection processing for accurate dentures, and the latest in nightguard materials and techniques.


Digital Photography in the Dental Office:  A hands-on program demonstrating the successful methods of utilizing a digital camera in the dental office.  Benefits include shade communication, patient records, and clinical or promotional before & after photos.  Patient setup, lighting, and camera settings will all be discussed.


Double Cord Impression Technique for Accurate Crown & Bridge Impressions:  A proven method of accurate C&B impression taking that utilizes 2 sizes of retraction cord and works with any type or brand of material.  Complete clinical procedures and techniques will be presented.


Success with Dual-Arch Impressions:  Approximately 55-75% of the impressions received by labs are the dual-arch, "triple tray" design, clearly illustrating their popularity for time and cost savings to the Dentist.  This program will give the guidelines necessary for successful results:  Which trays work best; clinical "do's and don'ts"; impression material choice; what the lab should know; troubleshooting; and a fast, simple and proven temporization technique. 


Effective Shade Taking & Communication:  Multiple concepts and methods will be presented on optimum ways to take C&B shades and communicate them to the laboratory.  Traditional and newer shade guides, computerized shade taking devices, digital photography, and shade communication tools will be presented.


Which All-Ceramic To Use:  It's hard to keep up with all the advances in metal-free ceramic restorations - Feldspathic, leucite, lithium-disilicate, alumina-ceramic, and zirconia are just a few of the type crowns that are available.  Throw CAD/CAM into the mix and it becomes more confusing as to which system is best suited in each clinical situation.  This program is designed to give a brief overview of the most popular metal-free systems on the market and where each one fits into your clinical armamentarium.


LOCATOR Clinical Uses:  An in-depth look at the popular attachment and how it can be used.  Step-by-step instructions will be presented for using the Locator over existing dentition and with implant restorations.